thinkingplace is 15!

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thinkingplace is 15!

Amazingly, it’s 15 years since the thinkingplace journey to help places develop a shared sense of purpose, pride and prosperity began.

Many people said we were crazy to set up a company purely dedicated to place marketing and place making, but we did it anyway and it’s been quite an experience.

We’ve worked with over 80 locations of all shapes and sizes, with all manner of opportunities across Great Britain and the Island of Ireland.

We’ve been to some fantastic places and met even more fantastic people whose enthusiasm, affection, attachment to and love for their place has blown us away.

Our aim has always been to ‘feel’ and channel their passion, to bring it to life in their place story and to shine a light on what their town, city or county can become.

Over the coming 15 weeks, as a build-up to a week of birthday festivity in July, we’re going to be privileged to introduce you to some of these places and people as a celebration of the journey we’ve been on; it has never been a job it has always been a pleasure.

Make sure to keep an eye on our Twitter and LinkedIn pages from today to share in our memories, see what other places have achieved and have a bit of fun at the same time!

In the meantime, if you think your place might benefit from some thinkingplace TLC feel free to drop us a line here


6th April 2021