Recover, maybe even reset, but keep it real!

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Recover, maybe even reset, but keep it real!


As we look to recover and reset it will be critical to focus on why our places are distinct and special, the assets we already have and how we make the most of them.

Now more than ever we must be authentic in what we say and focus on, it simply isn’t credible for everyone to have a leading green economy or digital infrastructure.

Collaboration, which we all seek is built on confidence, clarity and coherence so we need to keep it real!

Hear from four places who are doing just that and their best practice thinking at our webinar in conjunction with the Local Government Association on

Thursday 6th August 1pm – 2pm.



Susan Parsonage, Chief Executive, Wokingham Borough Council

Debbie Gore, Head of Planning  Regeneration and Assistant to CEO, Gosport Borough Council

Kathryn Daly, Head of Place Shaping and Economic Growth, Harrogate Borough Council

Celia Glynn-Williams, Head of Marketing & Communications, Medway Council

Followed by a Q&A session facilitated by John Till, Founding Director of thinkingplace.


The recording of the session is now available HERE