Plenty of place pizzazz at City Nation Place UK

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Plenty of place pizzazz at City Nation Place UK

15th May 2019


After 13 years extolling the benefits and importance of being place led, developing a distinct and shared story and truly engaging stakeholders in creating a purposeful place it was actually joyous to have a full house celebrating UK best practice in this field. This was the first time the focus had been almost entirely on our activity and from Bristol to Hull, Scotland to Wales, even Great Britain and lots of others in between, there were many great examples of campaigns, creativity and culture in a place context.

It’s great that a lot of what emerged were things we help places to think about and tackle all the time; the need for collaboration between places, sectors, everything!, this isn’t about logos but storytelling, leadership and relationships; ‘soft power’ namely culture, place experience, the welcome is vital and we’re often good at it, measurement is critical and we’re not good at it plus meaningful data is scarce.  Finally we need to promote understanding of place layering as we are all in different places at once – a neighbourhood, a town, a city, a county, a region, a country – and how we communicate where must be audience led.

At a time of austerity, the ‘B word’, and the changing nature of our town centres a coherent, confident and collaborative approach to place development and promotion has never been more important; City Nation Place UK showed the insight, leadership and skills are there to create the  purposeful places we all want to see.


John Till, Director