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the brief

The county of Lancashire located in the North West of England covers a large economic area of geography with a diverse set of assets ranging from the rolling landscapes of the Bowland area of outstanding beauty to the coastal attractions of Blackpool’s resort. Lancashire has been ‘punching below it’s weight’ for a long time and has traditionally had a poor reputation of flat caps and coronation street towns.
Within Lancashire are a large number of diverse towns and combination of 12 local authorities and 2 unitary authorities working alongside the County Council and Lancashire LEP. However, not all the places within Lancashire wish to be associated with Lancashire and creating a shared narrative and approach was fundamental to achieving overall success and promotion of the place on a national and international basis.
The Lancashire LEP commissioned the strategic marketing proposition work to develop a compelling economic narrative for Lancashire which would underpin future place marketing and positioning by the LEP and secure support if key partners such as Marketing Lancashire and Lancashire County Council, in addition hoping that the local authorities who would find it sufficiently engaging to deploy in their own activities. However, key to the effectiveness of this work would be the endorsement and support of the private sector

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what was delivered

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  • a narrative for Lancashire which sets out a clear position for Lancashire in a regional, national and international context highlighting key attributes and assets with a strong identity and sense of place.
  • developed a brand story which gives Lancashire confidence to embrace its proximity and relationship with Manchester and Liverpool and help understand and achieve its role within the Northern Powerhouse.
  • developed a framework for what the LEP and CA would say for the place to provide a joined up position and professional approach to communicating a clear identity and purpose
  • clarified the emerging role of Marketing Lancashire in becoming the place marketing organisation for Lancashire
  • engaged the business sector with the development of Lancashire’s future encouraging the development of buy in from key stakeholders who are keen to promote the brand key messages
  • developing a marketing plan as determined by the narrative plus development of delivery mechanisms to achieve this being worked in house at Marketing Lancashire
  • the narrative which underpins the work on the county’s media and communications plan used to direct PR agencies and communications within each key organisation
  • in the process of developing a brand visual identity and visual language with sub brands
  • in the process of developing a place board to oversee all place marketing activity for Lancashire from business to tourism
  • in the process of establishing a Lancashire wide Ambassador programme
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What they say


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