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the brief

Knowsley is a metropolitan district located on the edge of the Liverpool City Region but over the past decade has experienced a 3% fall in population, mainly a decline in young people which has left it being perceived as an aging and benefit-dependent population. With increasing competition from other locations locally, regionally and nationally, Knowsley recognised the need to better position itself as a desirable destination to live and for investment to ensure its future prosperity. The challenge was to develop a robust Place Marketing strategy for Knowsley to attract more investment both from the business sector but also residential developers to attract new people and change the demographics of the borough in the coming years.

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what was delivered

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  • an agreed story and positioning for the area that rooted it as firmly linked to the Liverpool, Manchester offer
  • a new suite of place-based photography and place website
  • a new visual identity for the place
  • new marketing material aimed at housebuilders, investors and developers
  • a new approach to partnership with developers
  • a senior and highly influential place board
  • an ambassadors scheme who ensure Knowsley is promoted, talked about and understood on a regional, national and international stage
  • promoting Knowsley at MIPIM UK
  • new gateway signage
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what they say

‘Knowsley sits between the economic powerhouses of Manchester and Liverpool yet was struggling to maximise its economic potential and attract people to live in the area. There was a real need for us to ‘do things differently’ when it came to developing and marketing the place. thinkingplace introduced a new and exciting way for us to promote the place based on creating an economic narrative for Knowsley and then engaging the business community to get this story out using their energy, networks and credibility alongside the great work being done by the local authority.
I am now Chair of the Knowsley Place Board (a concept introduced to us by thinkingplace) which is an extremely influential, predominantly private sector leadership group championing the area . . . there is no doubt the business community now has a clear and high profile role in promoting Knowsley and we are clear on our messages as we have a story that we played a major part in creating.’
Edward Perry, Operations Director,
Knowsley Hall & Safari Park and Chair, Knowsley Place Board

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