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the brief

Doncaster is a significant town with significant spatial influence being the second largest economy in the Sheffield City Region. Historically, Doncaster was a major producer of coal and when the industry collapsed in the 1980’s the knock on effect for jobs and the wider economy was devastating and it has taken time for the town to recover. Unfortunately, Doncaster has had to deal with significant challenges along the way which have tarnished its image and reputation both within the community and from an external perspective.

However, this demise caused diversification and other sectors are growing; logistics, rail engineering, advanced engineering, aviation, retail and tourism. It is doubtful that there are many places in the UK that have more significant and varied development planned and this level of activity underpins the desire to make Doncaster ‘the best town in the North’.

Thinkingplace was employed to help raise the profile of Doncaster as a place to do business, invest and visit through advocacy and promotional campaigns, which was driven by an evidenced based operational marketing plan and underpinned by a strategic overview of the towns assets and challenges.

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what was delivered

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Our work is still ongoing but to date includes:

  • a brand and positioning for Doncaster that is forward facing, rooted in history and highlighting their assets
  • a brand visual language, and identity for Doncaster that is adaptable in its treatment for use by external partners
  • a suite of place led photography, available to all stakeholders for use in promoting the Doncaster story
  • a high-profile event to launch The Doncaster story to those involved in creating it, other key stakeholders and key external stakeholders.
  • the Doncaster Ambassadors programme , a new and fresh way for the public and private sectors to work together on place-led activity
  • a senior and influential place board
  • a strategic and operational place marketing plan
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What they say
“We have a host of assets and developments taking place in Doncaster and we wanted to develop a sustainable approach to place branding and marketing. The work that thinkingplace have done in Doncaster to help develop our place branding and a supporting ambassador programme has been first class. We now not only have a compelling ‘story’ to tell but also have a strong platform of private sector support to drive and sustain it going forward. John, Sarah and the team have brought with them a wealth of ideas and experience and have been very supportive and responsive to how we wanted to take this work forward. Working with them has been a very positive experience that I can thoroughly recommend.”

Jo Miller, Chief Executive

Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council

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